Adding a GVSU Save Course Materials Link (Classic)

When to Use?

This article explains how to add a GVSU Save Course Materials link to a Blackboard classic course. This link was previously named "Bookshelf by VitalSource" in the Build Content area.


  1. Log into Blackboard and navigate to a course that needs the GVSU Save / VitalSource Bookshelf course materials link.
  2. Create a new Content Area in the course menu called “GVSU Save”. At the top left of the course menu select the “Add Menu Item” icon and select “Content Area”.
    Add content area
  3. In the “Add Content Area” pop-up window, enter “GVSU Save” in the “Name” field, click the “Available to Users” checkbox and select “Submit”.
    Check available to users

  4. Select the left edge of the new menu item and when the cursor turns into a “4-headed” arrow, left-click and drag the menu item to just below the “Instructor Information” tab. Release the mouse to reposition the content area.
    Reposition GVSU Save menu item

  5. Click the “GVSU Save” course menu item to access the new content area.
    GVSU Save course menu item

  6. Select the Build Content tab and select Create > “GVSU Save Course Materials” (it is toward the bottom of the list).
    Build Content  
    GVSU Save Course Materials

  7. On the “Create Bookshelf by VitalSource” page add the following name and description for the link and then click “Submit”.
    Name: GVSU Save Course Materials
    Description: GVSU SAVE course materials are required by your instructor. However, if you decide you don’t want to participate, you will need to Opt-Out of the program and be sure you obtain the material on your own. To Opt-Out just click on the link above and follow the instructions. YOU MUST OPT-OUT BY (DATE VARIES BY SEMESTER). Your student account will be refunded if you Opt-Out by this date.
    Posted GVSU Save link
    NOTE: Actual dates will vary. Please contact the GVSU LakerStore for additional information.

    Content may not be immediately available, but you can test the link by clicking on the name of the link to access the VitalSource “My Courses Home” page. Select the “Read Now” button to open a publication that has been associated with your course.
    Course materials example
    NOTE: You can create a Bookshelf account using your University email address to begin reading the book.

  8. Return to the “GVSU Save” content area, select the Build Content tab and then Create > “Item”.
    Build Content

  9. On the “Create Item” page add the following name.
    Name: GVSU Save Program Information

  10. Scroll down to the Attachments section and click the “Browse Local Files” button.
    Browse local files

  11. Navigate to the “GVSU-Save-Flyer.pdf” on your computer, select the file and click “Open” to attach the file to the item.
    Attached GVSU Save Flyer

  12. Click “Submit”.
    Submit button 

  13. The “GVSU Save” content area should now contain the following items and will be ready for your students to access once the course is made available.
    Completed GVSU Save course materials

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