Issues eLearning Technologies is Managing After LMS Migration

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To learn about potential issues after the LMS migration that the eLearning Technologies team is working on.  We'll include updates as new information is available.  This article has three areas:


  • Issues with Work Around Steps
    • Blackboard App - If you have used the Blackboard App in the past, you may need to delete the app and reinstall it.   This process wipes out previously saved configuration settings and allows for a smooth transition.
    • Calendar Responsiveness - some individuals have reported issues with the Calendar tool's responsiveness.  The issue was only reported by people with 20+ more course sites with active due dates, etc. and the calendar did load but did take 20-30 seconds on the first refresh.  Calendar responsiveness after was better. 
    • 'Sorry, your name isn't on the list' when creating course content in Ultra course view - issue happens when you click twice when creating the content.  The fix is to wait for the resulting layer/screen to load before clicking again.  
    • Unable to connect/login with Respondus 4.0 - The Respondus server configuration needs to be updated.  Instructions were sent to all Respondus 4.0 users.  Instructions are available in this the Unable to connect to Blackboard with Respondus 4.0 KB article.   
      • UPDATE:  Please ensure you are using Respondus version 4.09.02 or later.  You can check the version in Help | About.  The 4.09.02 installation executable can be found in the Respondus organization in Blackboard.  
    • Zoom Meetings scheduled on do not display on Instructors can view scheduled meetings by clicking the "All my Zoom Meetings/Recordings" tab, but it is recommended that meetings are re-created in order for students to easily access the meetings.  Zoom Recurring Meetings Created Before Migration Are Gone knowledge base article will help guide you in resolving this issue.
    • Quota Notifications in Activity Stream - some sites are showing notifications in the Activity Stream of being "almost out of space".  If you have concerns about your site and its available space, please submit a ticket to the Service Portal for a site quota check. 
    • Unable to paste an image into the content editor - Receive an error: “Local image paste has been disabled. Local images have been removed from pasted content.” when attempting to paste an image into the content editor.  Pasting images is not allowed, follow these steps to embed an image into content, instead. 


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How do I change my course menu colors?   Answer:  Course menu colors cannot be modified with Ultra Base Navigation.  For accessibility and usability reasons, the Ultra Experience chooses the background and text colors that provide enough contrast.  Those colors are fixed in the Course Menu using the Original Experience and cannot be configured in the Course Properties or Brands.   If you're looking for ways to customize your course, it is possible to add a course image (previously known as a banner).  This knowledge base article on how to add a Banner in Blackboard classic course view will walk you through the steps.
    • How do I access the Class PhotoRoster in the new LMS website?  Answer:   The Class Photo Roster tool is no longer supported.  We did include this in several communications before the migration. We encourage instructors to ask students to update their Blackboard profile pictures. These photos show in several areas of your Blackboard course site. This article describes where the profile pictures can be seen in the Blackboard environment. 

      Students can follow these instructions to update their profile pictures. 


  • Resolved Issues 
    • Labflow integration - waiting on vendor response to LTI configuration update - Update: Resolved.
    • Email Notifications in SPAM - Emails from end up in Outlook/Gmail SPAM folders.   The Enterprise Architecture team has been notified and is working to resolve the issue.    UPDATE:  The Enterprise Architecture team has corrected the issue as of 8:00am for Gmail and 9:20am for Outlook.  RESOLVED.  
    • Respondus LockDown Browser in Classic view courses - unable to get to Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard in Classic course view.   Update: configuration change made, awaiting confirmation issue is resolved.   Update:  RESOLVED
    • Labster integration - waiting on vendor response to LTI configure update on their side.  Could not be done before migration. RESOLVED
    • Ally Integration - the Ally accessibility tool integration has not been configured on yet.  This was expected and the integration should be completed on Monday.   UPDATE:  Ally was turned on at 10:20am on Monday, May 9.   RESOLVED
    • Chicago Business Press integration - waiting on vendor response to LTI configure update on their side.  Could not be done before migration.  RESOLVED.
    • 'We can't find that link' when getting into Panopto - when logging into Panopto without being logged into Blackboard, you get 'We can't find that link' error in  If you log in to and go to Panopto, there is no issue. RESOLVED: Please clear browser cache if still encountering the issue.
    • Leaders in Organizations Can't Add Users - There is a new process for Leaders to add/remove users from organizations however, we also must make a change to the enrollment of the Leader to be "Org Leader".  This gives them the permission to follow the steps in the Adding/Removing Users in an Organization knowledge base article.   To request Org Leader access, please submit a ticket to the Service Portal requesting a change to Org Leader status. We plan to convert all GVSU faculty/staff who are Leaders to Org Leaders once we gain database access expected early this week.   RESOLVED.  All leaders in sites who have email address (so GVSU Faculty & Staff) are now Org Leaders and can add/remove users from organizations. 
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