Zoom Phone & Telco Work Order or Repair

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Request the following services for phone/extension for a faculty/staff member:

  • Name Change - Request a display name change on your phone.
  • Voicemail PIN Reset- Request a reset of your voice mailbox PIN.
  • Repair - Request a repair of Grand Valley supplied hardware.  Wireless headsets are not a supported GVSU device.
  • Miscellaneous - Request help with anything not listed.


Zoom Phone assistance and Telco Work Orders are available to all Faculty and Staff.

How to Access and Use

You can request Zoom Phone assistance or Telco Work Order by filling out the form when you click on the "Submit a Ticket" button on this page.


Submit a Ticket

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Service ID: 808
Thu 9/16/21 9:43 AM
Fri 7/1/22 9:23 AM

Service Offerings (1)

Zoom Phone & Telco Work Order & Repair
Request telephone name changes, voicemail PIN resets and repair requests for telephones