Living Off-Campus


Information regarding students who plan to live off-campus.


I Plan On Living Off-Campus. What Do I Need to Know?

Please note: Incoming first-year students (regardless of academic class standing) are required to live on campus.  Residents must apply for housing or confirm their plans to live off campus.


To Confirm your plans to live Off-Campus:

  1. Log into your myHousing portal
    1. Log into your Banner account
    2. Click "Students"
    3. Click "myHousing"
  2. Under the "Apply | Cancel | Forms" menu, select "Off Campus Confirmation"
  3. Complete and submit the request.
  4. To cancel an exemption request already submitted, return to the form and select the "Cancellation" prompts.
  5. To Update an exemption request already submitted, return to the form and select the "Revisit" prompts. 

Students have access to alternative, private housing options near both of our Allendale and Grand Rapids campuses.  These complexes are not affiliated with Grand Valley State University and will need to be contacted directly for more information.  Any agreements you enter into for off-campus housing are solely your responsibility.

The GVSU Office of Housing and Residence Life is not responsible for, and will not be a party to, any rental agreement established between you and any other parties.  This includes, but is not limited to, landlords, other tenants, roommates, and students of GVSU.  This guide from the MSU College of Law Housing Clinic may serve as a resource.  Additionally, you can click here for some information on living within the code of compliance in the city of Grand Rapids.  You (and your landlord) must adhere to code compliances.

Know Your Rights & Laws
Renting Tips
Contract Terminology



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