HRL Guest Policy


GVSU Housing and Resident's Life Guest Policy.


What is GVSU's Guest Policy?

A guest is defined as any individual not contractually assigned to a particular on-campus living unit.

  • GVSU residential guests must be approved by (a) roommate(s) prior to being invited into the building or unit.
  • Guests must be escorted (e.g., to and from restrooms and lounges) by the resident host at all times. Guests are permitted to use lounges only while accompanied by their resident host.
  • Guests may not stay overnight for more than two consecutive nights in a row. 
  • Guests who obstruct or disrupt the orderly function of on-campus housing may also be asked to leave by HRL staff members or GVPD.
  • Resident hosts are responsible for any violations or damage caused by their guests.
  • Individual residence halls with COVID-19 outbreaks may be subject to additional guest restrictions as determined by the Virus Action Team.
  • All guests of residents must adhere to the most current Face Covering Policy guidance located on the Lakers Together site.

*The HRL Guest Policy and Information above are applicable to Winter 2022. Policies will be reviewed and posted for Spring/Summer 2022 once confirmed.

**This policy is subject to modifications at any time based on additional guidance from the Governor, CDC recommendations, or the institution for the safety of the community



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