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Grand Valley has partnered with LastPass to offer LastPass Families. Families as a benefit provides employees with a personal LastPass Families account to secure their household. Employees can invite up to 5 family members or friends to join their Families account. Every user gets their own unique LastPass account, where they can generate, store, manage, protect, and share their passwords. This benefit entitles you and your family members to the same premium features of a paid account.


  1. Log in to your LastPass Business account and open your vault. Alternatively, you can click on the LastPass icon in your browser icon bar, then select "Open My Vault" from the drop-down menu.
    LastPass Vault in Browser Extension
  2. Select "Account Benefits," where you can activate your LastPass Families as a benefit account.
    Accounts Benefits
  3. Click on "Activate LastPass Families for free" to continue.
    Families as a benefit, Activate LastPass Families for free
  4. Note: If you already have an active LastPass subscription elsewhere, you will see the following message instead, offering the opportunity to cancel your existing LastPass subscription at another service and claim your GVSU LastPass Families as a benefit. When you do this, you will reset the active date to when you switched it. Your existing personal LastPass plan will now become part of the GVSU LastPass Families as a benefit at no additional cost.

    You have an active LastPass subscription
  5. Enter a personal email account.
  6. Your LastPass personal account email field
  7. A verification email will be sent to your personal email account.
    Look for a verification email from LastPass
  8. Login to your personal email account and click on "Activate your account" to complete the process.
    You are almost in! Activate your acccount
  9. If you wish to invite other family members, return to the Account Benefits section of your vault to invite others.
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