Getting Started with LastPass

Getting Started - What is LastPass?

LastPass is a secure password manager that remembers your passwords and logs you in to your online accounts as you work. LastPass will not only generate strong passwords for you and help deter phishing attack, it will streamline your everyday work flow and save you time by eliminating your password problems. Check out this 15 min video tutorial to help you get started. You can also follow the steps below to help activate your GVSU Business account and install LastPass. 

Step 1. Request an Account

Click the link below and submit a ticket to request a LastPass account.

Step 2. Receive Email Activation

When a LastPass account is assigned to you, you will receive an invitation email from LastPass with a link to connect and setup your account. Once you have received your email, click Activate LastPass. Continue to Step 3. 

 Welcome to LastPass Email Sample

Step 3. Creating a Master Password

You have now received your email and clicked Activate LastPass.  Now you will be entering in your activation code from your email  and creating a Master Password. (Tip: You can copy and paste code from email) Continue to Step 4.

Creating a Master Password in LastPass sample

Step 4. Multifactor Setup - Duo Security Recommended 

After Step 3. you will be prompted to enable multifactor setup. Click Enable Now, and select your preferred authentication. We recommend Duo Security. Continue to Step 5.

Required MultiFactor Picture With Required Now Button

Picture of Sample Multi-Factor Applications (i.e. LastPass)

Step 5. Install LastPass

You will now be ready for installation. Instead of remove you will see install in the upper right hand corner. Click install, click install browser extension, and now you will be able to log in using LastPass. Congratulations you have completed all the steps!

LastPass Password Manager Install from Microsoft Store

Congradulations Picture for LastPass Browser Extension Installed

Congratulations! LastPass is now installed.

In the upper right hand corner you will be able to access your LastPass Vault. Click Open My Vault to get started. 

LastPass Sample of how it looks in browser

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