What happened to the old W-Drive and X-Drive in STRATUS?

Starting in the Fall of 2021, file storage in STRATUS has moved to using the “Private Data” folder you may be more familiar with in other GVSU labs.

If you used STRATUS in previous semesters, the contents of your old W-Drive will be around transitionally; however, it is now connected in a more secure way and can be found in a different location.

Users are encourage to move their W-Drive data to their Private Data folder.

Finding your W-Drive Data

The contents of your old HPC W-Drive can be found in the HPC-Data folder on the desktop of your STRATUS session:

STRATUS Desktop with Explorer Window Showing the HPC-Data folder from the Desktop

Inside HPC-Data, you’ll find W-HPCHomes which contains your old W-Drive data, and if applicable to your courses X-Coursework.

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