Exporting/Importing a Course in Blackboard

When to Use?

To create a backup copy of your Blackboard course content by exporting the content, or to restore a course content to a course by importing content into a Blackboard course site.


Exporting Course Content

Exporting a course creates a ZIP file of the course content called a course package.  Exporting a course includes only the course content. The export does not include any student information such as blog posts or grades.   

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities section and click Export/Archive Course. 

export archive course menu item highlight

  1. On the Export/Archive Course page, click Export Package tab. 

export package button

  1. Scroll down to the Select Course Materials section and click Select All. You can choose select materials, but it is recommended to use Select All, and then delete unwanted materials after importing course.  
  2. Click Submit
  3. When you submit the Export Course page, the system begins to create the course package. When the package is complete, you will receive an email. After you receive the email, click the Refresh button which will then allow you to download the course package by clicking on the “ExportFile_coursename.zip” link. Save the file to an appropriate location and do not unzip the contents. 

refresh button on export archive form

Importing Course Content

  1. From the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click Import Package/View Logs

course menu with import package outlined

  1. Click Import Package

import package button

  1. Under Select a Package, click the Browse My Computer button and navigate to the where you exported the course package to.select package options
  2. Select the course materials to include. It is recommended to click Select All, and then delete unwanted materials after importing the course package.
  3. Click Submit
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