Using Grammarly with Blackboard Classic Course View

When to Use?

This article provides details for using Grammarly in Blackboard Classic course view. Grammarly's browser extension compatibility varies between browsers and operating systems. This article focuses on using Blackboard Classic course view with the Chrome browser and Grammarly. 


The Grammarly desktop application is supported for Blackboard Classic course view. If the Grammarly Chrome browser extension is enabled, the Grammarly icon will not display in the Blackboard text editor. The browser extension needs to be turned off in order for the desktop application to work.

  1. Download and install the Grammarly desktop application from the Grammarly website. Please visit Grammarly's support site for additional help if needed.
  2. Once Grammarly is installed and running, check that the Grammarly browser extension is turned off in Chrome by clicking the extension icon (puzzle piece), then Manage Extensions.
    Manage extensions
  3. Find Grammarly, and click the toggle to change it from blue to gray. If it is already gray, then it is turned off.
    Toggle Grammarly off
  4. Reload your Blackboard page and begin typing in a textbox to utilize the Grammarly application.
    Grammarly icon in Blackboard text editor


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