Ultra Course View vs. Classic Course View

When to Use?

This article provides details on the differences between Ultra Course View and Classic Course View to help determine which is which.


Ultra Course View

Ultra Course View is a simpler and more modern course experience for instructors and students. The workflows and tools are easy to find and use in the Ultra Course View. This experience is based on responsive web design (more mobile functionality and convenience) and accessibility. As of Spring/Summer 2023, all GVSU courses will be created in Ultra Course View.

Ultra Course View - Bb Ultra Online/Hybrid Orientation

For more details on Ultra Course View, please visit the Blackboard Ultra Knowledge Base Articles.

Classic Course View

Classic Course View is the historical experience that GVSU has been using prior to the move to Blackboard SaaS. It contains many of the advanced tools and workflows that instructors and students may be comfortable with. This experience grew organically over time but did not focus on accessibility.

Classic Course View - Online/Hybrid Orientation

For more details on Classic Course View, please visit the Blackboard Classic Knowledge Base Articles.

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