Getting Started with STRATUS

STRATUS is a collection of servers hosting a remote Windows desktop environment. Numerous GVSU departments and classes (including but not limited to Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics and Geography) use STRATUS to provide access to professional grade applications and research environments that would otherwise be cost or resource prohibitive.

STRATUS is accessible on and off campus. So long as you have an internet connection, you should be able to connect to STRATUS.

Starting in the Fall of 2021, STRATUS will no longer use the separate “HPC Domain” account. Instead, you will be able to log in with your same GVSU username and password you use for Banner, Blackboard, Email, etc.

Remote Desktop Access

STRATUS uses a webpage as a “virtual lobby” that allows you to select the Remote Desktop environments available to you. For classroom/academic use, the environments are determined based upon a student's course enrollment or an instructor's course load.

If you have Remote Desktop environments assigned to you, you should see any number options to choose from (note: the number of environments will vary depending on your courses):

STRATUS webpage with one environment called BUS available

Technical Support and Common Issues

GVSU account and password:

Make sure that when you’re logging into STRATUS you use one of the following domains with your username:

Students: username@student

Faculty/Staff: username@office

If you believe that you are having issues with your GVSU password when logging into STRATUS, please verify that you are able to log into other services like email (Gmail for students, Outlook for faculty/staff), Banner, Blackboard, etc.

You can reset your GVSU password on the GVSU Password Reset Page.

STRATUS Technical Support

For technical issues inside STRATUS, or issues regarding the assignment of virtual desktop environments:

Contact Email:

Please use your GVSU email when contacting the HPC Support Team.

STRATUS is managed by the High Performance Computing (HPC) team, which is separate from the campus IT team that provides other GVSU services you’re probably more familiar with.

Instead of contacting GVSU IT for a STRATUS related request, you can email or STRATUS forms in the Service Catalog.

Guides: Logging in and best practices

We have a number of guides available for the ins-and-outs of STRATUS.

More can be found on our on the STRATUS section on our Knowledge Base

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