Creating Columns for Overall Letter Grades (Ultra)

When to Use?

This article will walk you through creating columns for students’ overall letter grade.


To create an overall grade column that shows students their final letter grade, you will first have to edit Bb Ultra’s default grading schema to match your own.

To edit the Gradebook grading schema:

1. Select the Settings icon to access the Gradebook Settings panel.

2. Select the Current Grading Schema option to see the active schema for the course, such as Letter.

3. You can now edit, delete, or add grade ranges. Select a value to edit it. Start from the bottom and edit the values for the last grade value and move to the next row. You can make the uppermost value greater than 100%. For example, if a student earns 100% or more, you can assign A+ to those scores.

To delete a row, point to the row and the delete icon appears. At least two rows must remain for the schema to be valid, and you can't delete the last row. To insert a row, select the plus sign (+) that appears below each row, except before the first row.

4. Select Save when you're finished. You're unable to leave the panel until you select Save or Cancel. Then, select the X to return to the Gradebook Settings panel.

When you add or delete rows or edit values in the schema, the remaining rows and values adjust when you save. The system ensures that no numeric gaps exist in the schema. The system also displays an error message when you type an invalid number.

If you make changes, the changes only apply to the course you're in.

Now you can create an Overall Grade Column that will use your Letter Grade Schema to display students' overall grades.

1. To set up an overall grade column, you can click Set it up when prompted to Set up the overall grade column; or Select the Settings icon to access the Gradebook Settings panel and scroll down to Overall Grade.

2. On the page that appears, you can configure how the overall grade is calculated.

3. To get started, choose between Gradebook item weights or Gradebook category weights in Overall Grade Settings. The course content list changes based on your selection, and you can begin to assign grade percentage weights. If you use category weights to calculate the overall grade, you can expand a category to see the graded items included.

4. To make items or categories exempt from the overall grade, select the Exempt icon next to the overall grade percentage field. The item or category turns gray to indicate that it's not included in the calculation. Select the icon again to include the item or category in the calculation again.

5. Select Save.

The Overall Grade column appears in the Gradebook next to the students' names so you can quickly see how each student is performing. The overall grade percentage will now be connected to the Letter grade schema you created.


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