Creating a Manually Graded Column (Ultra)

When to Use?

This article will walk you through creating manually graded gradebook columns in the Ultra Course View. Manually graded columns can be created for assignments that don't require a submission in Blackboard such as class participation, extra credit, and in-class graded assignments.


When you create a gradable item in your course, a gradebook item is created automatically. If you want to add grades for an item that doesn’t require submissions, such as extra credit, you can create a manually graded item. These grade items are also called manual grades, manually created items, or offline items.

You can't add files, rubrics, goals, or groups to manually added items. If you want to add these options to assessments without submissions, see: Collect submissions offline.


To create a manually graded column:

1. In your course gradebook, look under Gradable Items.

2. Select the plus sign wherever you want to add an item and select Add Item.

Add Item in Gradebook

3. In the panel, type a title like Class Participation or Extra Credit #1 if you intend to have more than one of the same manually graded items throughout the course.

  • NOTE: The title has a limit of 255 characters. If you don't add a title, "New Item" and the date appear in the list.

4. Optionally, make the item visible to students.

Make Visible/Hide from Students

5. Provide the details, such as a description and a graded unit. You can choose points, percentages, or letters. If you choose points, specify the maximum number of points possible.

  • NOTE: If you are using this column for extra credit, set the points possible to 0.

6. Optionally, add the new item to a category to use when you create weighted grade calculations.

7. Click Save. Now you can click on the newly created column and begin entering students' grades by clicking in the blank fields under Grade. You can also add feedback for each student.


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