Managing Course File Quotas in Classic Course View

When to Use?

Follow the steps to resolve a message stating that uploading a file will exceed your course or organization quota in Classic Course/Org View. 

The Content Collection is a repository of all the files uploaded to your Blackboard course. If you delete an item with files attached in the course, the actual files are still stored in the Content Collection. Also, when uploading a new version of the same file, the old file remains in the Content Collection. This can cause your course to run out of space until the old files are deleted.


  1. Click Content Collection under the course Control Panel
  2. Click the Course ID of the course (e.g. GVLIB100.01.201920)
  3. Delete any files that are no longer being used in the course


To verify that a file is not being used in the course:

  1. Click 360° View for the file you want to delete
    Options menu next to name of file
  2. Scroll to the "Links" section
  3. If there is a content item link to the file within the course, an item will display in the "Links" Section
    Links in course related to the file
  4. If there are no content items using the file, "No links available" will be displayed - this means the file can safely be removed.
    No links available under the Links section


If there are no unlinked files to remove, you can also reduce the file size of your PowerPoint presentations, then re-upload the smaller file. You may need to delete the larger file first from the Content Collection if you do not have enough space in the course.

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