Connect to CIS Oracle Database from the Terminal


When to Use?

The CIS Oracle database is used for CIS courses 333, 353, 360, 501, 660, 661, 673, 676, and 679.

If you're connecting from your own device, it's easiest to first connect to one of the CIS Linux lab stations, and then connect to the database.


  1. Either physically or remotely over SSH, log into a CIS Linux Lab Computer
  2. Once logged in or connected to a CIS Linux Lab Computer, enter the folliwing into the Terminal or your SSH Session type the following to connect to the Oracle Database:
    sqlplus yourusername@orcl
    Terminal with a password prompt for the oracle database

  3. When prompted, enter in your initial database password that was provided to you

    • Check with your instructor if you're unsure of your initial password

  4. If successful, you should have an "SQL>" prompt in your terminal:
    Terminal with a successful oracle database connection

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