Resolved 10/7/22: Panopto 500 Error


Oct 7 Update:  Fix for this issue was implemented by Panopto.   Issue should be resolved. 

Sept 29 Update: Panopto has identified this issue and is working on a hot fix that will be applied in the near future. 

When attempting to view a Panopto video in a Blackboard course or organization, you may encounter an HTTP 500: Internal Server Error. Resolution

Panopto HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error


To resolve this issue, please clear your browser's cache and cookies. Ensure that the "Time range" is set to All Time and check the boxes next to "cookies and other site data" & "cached images and files". Once data has been cleared, close out of your browser completely (I.E., closing all of the browser, not just the current tab(s) you are working in). Failure to close out of the browser will not clear out cache and cookies completely to resolve the issue. Once you have closed out of your browser completely, reopen the browser, log into Blackboard, and check to see if the issue persists.

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Tue 9/27/22 10:47 AM
Fri 10/7/22 10:57 AM

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