Resources for students enrolled in courses using Ultra course view in Blackboard.

Articles (10)

Blackboard Classic Essentials - Student

This article contains an attached PDF, which explains how to use Blackboard Classic for students.

Blackboard Classic View Course: Test Taking

This article includes instructions and tips on how to complete tests or quizzes in Blackboard.

Blackboard: Submitting and Viewing Assignments

Follow these instructions to learn how to upload and view assignments in Blackboard.

Blackboard: Viewing Test Results

Follow these instructions to review completed tests in Blackboard.

Browser Checker for Blackboard Classic

This article explains how to use the browser checker to receive immediate feedback from Blackboard. The checker determines if the browser you are using is supported for Blackboard Classic.

Sending Emails in Blackboard (Classic)

Follow these instructions to learn how to send an email to others in a Blackboard course.

Using Grammarly with Blackboard Classic Course View

This article provides details for using Grammarly in Blackboard Classic course view.

Using the Discussion Board (Classic)

Follow these instructions to learn how to use the Discussion Board in Blackboard.

View and Create Blogs & Journals - Student (Classic)

Follow these instructions to learn how to view and create Blogs and Journals.

View and Download an Inline Graded Assignment (Classic)

Follow the steps to download your graded assignment with Instructor comments from Blackboard Classic Course View.